5A HINGESTIX Practice Drum Sticks

5A HINGESTIX® Practice Drumsticks

The new 5A practice sticks. A lighter weight for youngsters and easier movement around the drum set. Same quality as the 5B for the practice pad. Keep your hand technique in check when you’re playing on the drums, too!!

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Sticks drop. Parts break. Sh*t happens. Have these on-hand, whenever you need to replace one.

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Hingestix HingeStix Practice Drum Sticks


HINGESTIX® Practice Drumsticks, a learning tool that helps drummers understand proper grip, finger technique, and rebound so drummers can play more easily with increased speed and less fatigue.

The patented contoured swivel pads rotate to allow drummers the feel of an unencumbered, free floating stroke.

HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks simulate a loose grip so drummers can remember what they can feel when using their regular drumsticks.

HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks are great for learning:

  1. Single strokes using the rebound. Like bouncing a basketball, the HINGESTIX simulate a loose grip where bouncing becomes easier
  2. Learning the double bounce for your “open” roll. Just throw the stick down once and let the stick bounce free for that 2nd stroke
  3. Learning the all important “buzz” stroke for your long or “closed” roll
  4. Learning finger technique for more control and speed
  5. Learning proper grip by holding the red swivel pads between the thumb and index finger (or 3rd finger), and gently feeling the back fingers underneath the stick
Each pair of HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks are balanced and pitched matched.

Great Hands Start With A Relaxed Grip And Proper Technique

HINGESTIX Practice Drumsticks gives drummers the control necessary for fast, smooth playing.

Perfect for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced drummers.

Ed Soph, Leading Jazz Drummer and Educator

“I've been practicing with the HingeStix Sam. What an absolutely brilliant innovation. Thanks for sending them. They really establish a natural grip in a non-intimidating manner. They affirm that musical control comes from degrees of looseness, not tightness. You need to get these in the hands of Music Ed non-percussionist grad students who teach percussion methods classes!”

Hey Sam, wouldn’t you know it, the day after I contacted you, the HingeStix came in the mail. What a fantastic, simple idea. I’ve played drums for 60 years, and have gotten myself into some bad habits. Your HingeStix force me to get back to the fundamentals. I love the weighting and the matching also.  

M.K. - Canada

I’m finding after I have been seriously practicing drums for over 50 years...that these sticks are the most effective breakthrough I've had to date. Don't think these HingeStix are just for beginners!!  The basics that HingeStix reinforce are at the core of why we don't progress. And it's fun to watch your own progress. The fun of using these sticks is amazing. Now I want to practice more and more.

Keith Karnaky - drummer, and owner of The Drum Shop, Houston Texas

Frequently Asked Questions From Fellow Drummers

How do I achieve a loose grip while holding my drumsticks?

The patented swivel pads automatically positions your thumb and index finger at the fulcrum for a correct grip.

How do I keep my back fingers on the drumstick while I’m playing?

HINGESTIX necessitates the use of the back fingers to control the stick, because of their free floating action.

How do I know that I’m holding the drumstick correctly?

HINGESTIX specially contoured swivel pads pivot at the fulcrum and forces the correct grip and builds muscle memory for proper grip on your regular drumsticks.

How do I achieve a loose grip while holding my drumsticks?

The patented swivel pads automatically positions your thumb and index finger for a correct grip.

How do I feel the rebound of the drumsticks when I'm playing my drums?

A free rebound can only be achieved when you’re holding the drumstick loosely. HINGESTIX lets you feel a free unencumbered rebound because the hinged swivel pads rotate freely. When you hold the stick, you’re actually simulating a loose grip so that when you go back to your regular drumsticks you’ll realize how a free rebound should feel.

How do I know that I’m holding the drumstick correctly?

HINGESTIX specially contoured swivel pads forces the correct grip and reinforces muscle memory for proper grip on your regular drumsticks.

Drummers Support HingeStix

Nat Barouch Reviews the HINGESTIX

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HingeStix are endorsed by performers, studio musicians, and educators from around the globe.


"Every drum teacher should start out their students with these sticks. It’s a great teaching aid."

Hal Blaine
Legendary LA Studio Drummer

"I wish I had HINGESTIX when I was a kid."

Joe Morello
Legendary Drummer of the Dave Brubeck Quartet and Author of "Master Studies"

"Sam's HINGESTIX are a great tool for helping young drummers learn how to properly hold the stick and teach proper rebound technique."

Jason Bittner
Shadows Fall

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