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More Testimonials

“I believe that every band director should own a pair of HingeStix. It is one of my favorite teaching tools.”
John Leister...Drummer/Percussionist
Saint Luke’s Chamber Orchestra NYC, Radio City Music Hall, Broadway Shows, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen

Sam Ruttenberg's HingeStix are a remarkable tool that enables the drummer to experience the proper motion of the drumstick. It’s a great product that produces great results.”
Steve Rucker
Drum Set Studies, University of Miami

“Love the HingeStix and look forward to presenting them to my percussion techniques class.”
David Stanoch
McNally Smith College

"A great teaching aid for any level player."
Dr. Michael Kingan
Director of Percussion Studies Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"HingeStix demonstrate better than any words how the fulcrum works."
Steve Machamer
Professor of Percussion University of New South Wales, Australia

“Your HingeStix will be great for our percussion techniques class Sam.”
Dan Heslink
Director of Percussion Studies, Millersville University of Pennsylvania

“HingeStix are a great tool for both students and teachers. I wish I had them when I started playing.”
Bruce Jacoby
Manager of Education/Remo Drumheads

"Sam Ruttenberg’s HingeStix are a valuable time-saving tool for anyone that teaches drums. Putting a pair of HingeStix in a student’s hands can clear up hours of confusion.”
Sean J. Kennedy
Rock Solid-Drums

"I think the HingeStix are simply revolutionizing the way people think about technique. Teachers try to get students to form better habits and this tool allows that effort to be clearer then ever before. Words go just so far.... now we have something that brings physical sensation to mental awareness."
Scott Simpson
Juilliard Drum/Percussion Teacher

“I think that you've got a really fantastic product on your hands. I wish I would have had these things available to me earlier in my career. I've been working on my grip and technique and your sticks are really helping my left hand.”
Jerry Foltz
Sick Drummer Magazine

"HINGESTIX is a fantastic way of showing how the stick rebounds. They’re really great for understand balance and understanding finger technique for timpani playing too.”
Colin Woolway
Founder of the Drumsense Teaching Technique, London

"Teaching the proper stick grip was a real problem for my elementary colleagues even with my help. The HingeStix have taken the problem away. Now the students can master the correct grip right away. Thanks for developing a tool to address one of the most consistent problems in school band programs.”
Bill Cain
Wissahickon Middle School, Ambler, PA

"Sam’s HINGESTIX show drummers right away what drumming feels like when you understand the concept of free rebound…you suddenly realize and feel the ease of relaxed playing."
Gerry Brown
Drummer with Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder

"With HingeStix the concepts of rebound, fulcrum and correct hand position have never been easier to teach. They are a fantastic tool for beginners and lifelong learners alike.”
Ted Rubright
Juilliard, Principal Timpani Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis

"I started using the HingeStix again two months ago and have made great improvements in both comfort and speed. An old thumb injury and a couple of broken fingers on my left hand had really thrown my grip out of wack. Without Hingestix I would not have been able to retrain that hand properly. Can't thank you enough, Sam Ruttenberg!”
Dave Rock

"The HingeStix has worked wonders for me. Practicing with the HingeStix has eliminated carpel tunnel and relaxed my grip beyond words. Thanks Sam!"
Peter Ronick
Drummer and Instructor

"I have a student that was struggling with their open rolls and buzz rolls. The thumb was sliding down off the stick and they were losing control of the bounce stroke. I pulled out the Hingestix and we began work on the open bounce and buzz stroke. Within a few minutes of working with the Hingestix the rolls improved dramatically. The thumb stayed on the stick and the roll sounded much better. I was amazed how quickly the rolls improved. Thank you Sam for this wonderful practice stick where a student can improve the sound of the roll effortlessly.”
Joe Aiello
Drum Instructor

" Clever sticks! I must say today was a ‘pivotal' moment in my 55 year of drumming. The concept of the physics of "letting gravity do the work" is the essence of developing relaxed, improved stick speed. I am so glad your sticks led to this discovery. The Hingestix are great. Looking forward to making them a part of rebuilding my grip. Days like this make drumming that much more enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding!
Ron Smith
Hingestix customer and user