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Meet Our Endorsers

At HingeStix, we're proud to have these great artists, performers, and educators as new HingeStix endorsers!

Maksym Deomin Drum Set Performer, Educator, author of The Paradiddle Book

Homero Chavez Latin Drummer/Percussionist, Grammy Nominated Educator

Stephen Burke Juilliard, Percussionist North Carolina Symphony, Educator

John Leister Juilliard, Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, award winning Band Director

Jason Arkis Percussionist with the Minnesota Orchestra

Patti Niemi Percussionist with the San Fransisco Opera and author of “Sticking It Out: From Juilliard to the Orchestra Pit, A Percussionist's Memoir”

Sean J. Kennedy Philadelphia Boys Choir, Salute to Vienna Orchestra, author, educator, composer, and TED speaker.

Maury Baker Timpanist, composer, drummer for Rock legend Janis Joplin

Robert Boyd Percussion Faculty at Monmouth University

Larry Reese Timpanist with The New Zealand Symphony

Shelly Heidel DrumSense teacher

Peter Ronick Drummer and drum teacher

Steven Machamer Professor of Percussion, University of New South Wales, Australia